Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any resend function if the mobile phone is not turned on or there is no coverage at that moment?

Yes. The SMSC will resend the SMS within 36 hours.

I did not receive the verification email to activate my account, what should I do?

Please email us at

How many SMS test credits can I get?

You can get  0.25USD or 2HKD FREE credits after you register successfully and credits are valid for 14 days.

Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send at one time?

There is no limit on numbers to be sent at one time.

What is the maximum characters per SMS I can put into the message?

160 characters for a normal text message, 70 characters for a Unicode text message (Arabic, Chinese, and etc)

What if my message longer than 1 SMS?

You can type the long message into the system. The system will count the characters and show how many SMS will be deducted.

Can I send international messages?

Yes. We are an international SMS provider. You can send out SMS both locally and internationally based on our price list.

Is Failure message being charged?

 Yes. We charge every single SMS per submission / sent to operators. SMS Credit will be deducted regardless of successful or failed message.

Can I see the status of SMS sent?

Yes, you can check the delivery status in campaign report.

Can I export the broadcast report for internal record purpose?

Yes, you can export the broadcast report to Excel / CSV / PDF file or even you can print out the report too.

Are there any scheduling facilities?

 Yes, you can create a message to be sent at a pre-determined time and date as well as recipients.

Do I get notified when my credits are low?

Yes, you will automatically receive an email alert when the SMS credits are low.

How long does it take to credit my account once I paid?

 Your account will be credited with credits immediately upon payment.

Is Epay / credit card payment accepted from my country?

 You may check Epay's supporting countries list HERE. If your country is not in the list, please contact for other payment methods.

Do I have to pay a set-up charge or monthly fees?

 No. There are no set-up charges or monthly fees with us. You buy credits, use them, and top them up when you need to. It really is that simple.

What is the validity period for the SMS Credits?

 The SMS credits valid for 1 year upon top up payment made. However, If you need to extend the validity further, please send an email of your request to 3 days prior to your credits expiry date.

Do I get notified when my credits are going to expire?

 Yes, you will automatically receive an email alert when the SMS credits are going to expire.

Do you offer technical Support?

Yes, technical support is available through email / phone / Skype. We have technical staffs available 24 Hours a day. You can raise a support ticket to notify a problem with our tech support team.

1) Email:
2) Phone:  +852 2882 8198
3) Skype: Texcellsupport