SMS Send

Latest Update Time: 2022.01.05
Support For Submitting SMS Content To Multiple Mobile Phone Numbers, See Request Parameters For Details. Note: To Ensure The Stability Of The Interface, Up To 50 Mobile Phone Numbers Can Be Submitted At The Same Time.

Interface Description

Request URL:
Request Method: POST
Parameter Type: JSON

Request Parameter

UsernameusernameStringYesLogin Username When Registering
KeytokenStringYesGenerated And Issued By The System After Opening The Interface Authority, View It In User Center - My Information
Phone NumberphoneStringYesSupport Up To 50 Mobile Phone Numbers Submitted At The Same Time, Use "," To Separate Multiple Numbers
Calling NumbercallerStringNoModifiable, the default is the caller set by the system
ContenttextTextYesPlease Use URL Encoding For SMS Content
Currency TypecurrencyStringNousd:USD,hkd:Hong Kong Dollar,Default: usd
Area CodeacodeStringYesView It In User Center - SMS Pricing, Example: 0086
Rate TyperateStringYesView It In User Center - SMS Pricing, Example: PRM
Rate RouterouteStringYesView It In User Center - SMS Pricing, Example: 6x

Request Example

    "username": "admin",
    "token": "123123123",
    "phone": "8613999999999,8613888888888,8613777777777",
    "caller": "85228828198",
    "text": "Your SMS verification code is 123123, please complete the operation within ten minutes!",
    "currency": "usd",
    "acode": "0086",
    "rate": "OTP",
    "route": "6x"

Return Parameter

Status Codecode1: Success, Other: Failure,For More Information, Please See The Status Code Description
DatadataReturn On Success, Return Data
MessagemsgReturn On Failure, Failure Description
Message IDidSMS System ID, Which Needs To Be Stored To Request The Status Of The SMS
Phone NumberphoneCalled Number
Submit Statuscode1: Submit Successfully, 0: Submit Failed

Return Example

Request Succeeded
    "code": 1,
    "data": [
            "id": "61CBF9DD0016537A",
            "phone": "8613999999999",
            "code": 1
            "id": "61CBF9DD0016537B",
            "phone": "8613888888888",
            "code": 0
            "id": "61CBF9DD0016537C",
            "phone": "8613777777777",
            "code": 1
Request Failed
    "code": 500,
    "msg": "System Error"

Status Code Description

Status CodeDescription
1Request Succeeded
0Request Failed
500System Error
502No Interface Usage Rights
503IP Is Not In The System Whitelist
511Authentication Failed
404Data Does Not Exist
101Unsupported Currency Type
102Incorrect Phone Number Parameter
103Message Content Error
105Rate Type Error
106Rate Route Error
107The Rate Type Does Not Match The Route
108Submit Up To 50 Mobile Phone Numbers At The Same Time
109Insufficient Balance